Conservation and restoration

Conservation and restoration of old, modern and contemporary paintings, of all supports and sizes


  • Treatment of support damages : holes, tears, deformations leading to lifted paint, stretchening problems, splits, losses, assembling damages, blocked cradles, insects and mould attacks. Framing, hanging and presentation improvement.
  • Treatment of paint layers damages : Consolidation of lifted paint cracks.
  • Front and back protections of paintings agains mechanical and climate damages.


  • Dirt removal.
  • Varnish removal.
  • Selective residues, stains and disturbing old restorations removal.
  • Filling of losses.
  • Retouching of fillings, abraded surfaces and disturbing damages.
  • Protective varnishing according to the painting period and the climate of the exhibition room.

Practical informations

  • Survey of the required treatments and the goals of the client.
  • Preliminary study of the painting technique and the damages.
  • Estimate.
    NB : The estimated amount does not depend on the value of the painting. The estimate is free, travel costs are on charge of the client. The treatment can take place either at my workshop or at the client's location.
  • Timely delivery.
  • A precise and illustrated digital documentation is sent after restoration for archiving and to provide transparency on the carried out treatment.